Pigsty construction for liquid feeding

Group pens with plastic partitions.

Pen partitions with integrated longitudinal stainless steel troughs.

Gable parts made of concrete.

Drinking troughs with dual outlets to serve both partition sides.

Sty construction made of plastics.

Gable parts made of plastics, with diagonal beams for better stablity.

Door hardware made of stainless steel.

Short lateral troughs, stainless steel, with sensors.

Sensors are made of robust PVC with drill hole for the stainless steel sensor pipeline.

Dual drinking troughs, individually adjustable.

Pen doors flush mounted towards the gangway, in order to achive swirl-less gangway air condition.

Lateral troughs with feeder valves, cobweb-like construction.

Advantage is a shorter circular pipeline.

Often used in connection with residue free feeding.

Again, good to recognize the flush mount gangway front.

Pen partition with integrated, lateral trough.

Drinking trough, stainless steel.

Chains as entertainmnet material.

For a better cleaning, the feeder troughs can be delivered with drainage openings.

Faeces slots under the trough for a quicker sty cleaning.