Strap sorter divergent

Riemensortierer mit divergenter Riemenführung

Riemensortierer mit divergenter Riemenführung

The divergent strap sorter is used for grading berries into four size categories. Designed as stand-alone unit, not primarily for line integration. Particularly suitable for berries with a harder surface, like cranberries or black chokeberries.
The straps run over pulleys with given fixed intervals, front pulley intervals different from rear pulley intervals. The different sizing results from the ever expanding distance of the straps between front end and rear end.

The sorted berries roll into one of the three chambers, whose width is adjustable. The larger, non-selected berries fall at the end in a provided container. Thus, a total of four sorting sizes is given.


Frame: Stainless steel

Straps: Thermoplastic Polyurethan (TPU)


Length: 1980 mm

Front width: 330 mm

Rear width: 700 mm

Size sorting:

via 20 round belts with diverging gaps.