Cleaning with air fan support

In case of just slight contamination the usage of a cleaning conveyor might be sufficient.
However, if heavily soiled, a cleaning unit should be used which separates the debris from the berries with the support of a strong air blower.

The air fan is mounted underneath the mesh belt, and leaves, stems and other impurities are blown through an air duct into a dirt collection drawer.

Infeed of berries either manually or by using an infeed conveyor.

The cleaning unit with fan can optionally be equipped with a tiltable conveyor which takes over all the berries after the cleaning process. Through the belt inclination the good quality berries roll down to a downstream conveyor belt, while poor quality berries remain adhering on the tilt belt and fall off at the end of it into collecting boxes.

Belt speed and tilt angle adjustable.


Frame and fan unit: stainless steel


Mesh belt: Width 500 mm and 850 mm, length 1000 mm, mesh aperture ca 6mm

Belt speed: steplessly adjustable


Optionally with lockable caster.
Also optionally: drain conveyor for debris instead of standard metal drawer.