Line diverter

The line diverter in combination with a check weigher serves as distributor of weight checked products (punnets) onto separated, forwarding conveyor. The appropriate direction is triggered by the check weigher in line with predefined weight ranges.

In this way, e.g. under and overweight products can be guided to a correction conveyor, whereas target weight products get forwarded straight to downstream processing.

The line diverter is available in a small version for two diverting lines and in a broader version for three diverting lines.


Frame: stainless steel


Small version: 2 diverter lines

: 400 mm
Length: 800 mm

Extended version: 3 diverter lines

Width: 600 mm
Length: 800 mm


Transportation speed infinitely adjustable, up to 36 m/min

Plastic made carrier bars, food save

Diverting direction triggered by check weigher

Installation of an additional, separate, short conveyor may be required - depending on the downstream connected components on site