Top and bottom

The "top / bottom" version is based on a two-part conveyor and two labelers, which allows the application of labels on the top and on the bottom side of a punnet simultaneously.

For this, a K80S label dispenser as well as an ILX81 label printer can be mounted, even in combination.


Frame: stainless steel

Conveyor belt: PVC, suitable for food


max. label printing width and speed: depending on type of labeler
label roll diameter: 360 mm
power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz


Infeed conveyor: 2 x 750 mm x 200 mm, belt speed adjustable

2 x K80S, or: 2 x ILX81, or: on top K80S - below ILX 81, or: on top ILX81 - below K80S