Manure slider

Stainless steel mounting frame for manure slider.

View into manure pit towards the discharge channels. The mounting frame can be bolted or embedded in concrete.

Slider and frame are made to measure according to customer requirements.

Apart from the stainless steel covers, the manure sliders are concealed and hence nearly enclosed on the central gangway.

To open the manure slides the covers are removed and the sliders can be pulled up with a hook.

Also, the manure sliders can be mounted inside the pens .

For easy operation, the slides get a stainless steel frame at the top.

The slides can be pulled upward with a hook through the gaps.

As an alternative to manure sliders we offer manure plugs. They consist of a rubber funnel, filled with concrete. They are operated "remotely" with a linkage, which is passed through the slatted floor upward. It is raises and swinged aside.