Zuführband, Feldwaage, Abrollbahn, auf Anhänger montiert

Zuführband, Feldwaage, Abrollbahn, auf Anhänger montiert

The berries picked on the field are collected in punnets, several punnets are packed into larger crates and brought to the field scale for quantity collection. For this, one of the possible variants is a field scale, fixed on a trailer. The crates are conveyed by means of a conveyor to the field scale (belt weigher), where they are weighed and where all the necessary data get recorded. The crate is guided directly from the belt weigher to a transverse conveyor and from there to a roller conveyor for further processing.


Conveyor frames: stainless steel

Conveyor belts and rollers: PVC


Längen und Breiten kundenspezifisch

Ausgestaltung: kundenspezifisch

Bandwaage mit LCD Gewichtsanzeige, Modell kundenspezifisch

Automatischer Weitertransport über Querförderer auf Rollenbahn