Liquid feeding

The liquid feeding enables the preparation of tailor-made recipes from various individual components.

With our computer-based feeding process control, highest dosing accuracy is reached, at all feeding valves. The feedstuff transportation is ensured even over long transporation distances.

We offer a modular system suitable for small and large systems, which also allows cost-effective system expansion. Suitable for feeding groups of animals or individual animals.

Piglet feeding with Top Hygiene:

Mixing tanks for 800 / 150 litre.

Even small quantities can be mixed by this particular construction. Since the pump is located directly below the tank, the pump housing only has a small residual feedstuff amount inside. This arrangement allows a safe feeding process - even for small quantities.

Parallel tanks

This system serves as a mixing and feed tank. Supported by a collection screw for the individual components, the feedstuff is mixed in one tank, while the dosing out is carried out from the other tank.

Compact feeding system MPR 500:

Mixed feedstuff for the initial fattering and for the growing-finishing area can be optimally supplied. Stub lines even enable targeted medication supply to the individual pens.
Individual feeding operations can be applied (e.g. block feeding).

Feedstuff vat 1400 Liter:

Feedstuff vat with multiple feeding screws from silos. On the picture, the feed pump is hidden behind the medicine bin.
The medication is supplied via stub lines into the individual pens.

Feed pipe distribution

Visualization and graphical user interface for dry feeding

The control of the feeding systems and thus the process of feeding is fully automatic. The feeding process is visualized in all details. Evaluation programs help to analyse the feeding data. The feeding systems can be monitored and actuated via remote control.

Medicational supply via stab line or drinking trough

Liquid medication.
Stainless steel tank 135 Liter.
Stirrer, pump and return valve, all controlled by computer systems.
Also the drinking system can be operated time-controlled.

Medicational supply

The medication get dosed directly into the stub line after the flow valve. A return valve prevents the return flow of feedstuff back into the medication.