Wiegesystem für Körbchen und Kisten

Wiegesystem für Körbchen und Kisten

This ADS 80/2-head dosing unit is suitable for filling baskets and boxes with up to 5 kg of berries. A proximity switch triggers the simultaneous filling by the two dosing heads when a basket or crate is placed onto the weighing platform.
The infeed hopper can be filled by hand or by means of an upstream conveyor, whereby an electronic fill-level sensor prevents an overfill of the funnel.


Frame: stainless steel

Conveyor belt: PVC, food save


Dosing belts:
80 mm wide
, "nubby" surface structure

Weighing platform:
size 200 x 400 mm. Two load cells, max load 5 kg.
Other dimensions or max loads on request


Proximity switch adjustable.
Weighing platform (height) adjustable in line with different box sizes.