ADS 200/4

Similar to the ADS 200/2, the ADS 200/4 is a 4-head dosing system, using a punnet conveyor for the transportation of the punnets. It is designed for higher berry volumes, fills four punnets simultaneously. The weighing process takes place in a weighing and dosing chamber at the end of the dosing arm. A butterfly valve acts as discharge mechanism. Weighing process and punnet outlet transportation take place at the same time.

Also available as 2-head and as 8-head version!

It is recommended to integrate the ADS 200/4 into a complete weighing /packaging line, which starts with an infeed/cleaning belt and an inspection belt, and which is followed by e.g. a curve, a lidding conveyor and a buffer table.


Frame: Stainless steel

Dosing belt:

Plastic belt, suitable for food, slightly knobbed texture.


for 250 g punnets:

ADS 200/2: 30 punnets per minute

ADS 200/4: 50 punnets per minute

ADS 200/8: 90 punnets per minute


Simultaneous filling into two / four / eight punnets, punnet recognition, infeed filling level sensor.

Transverse distribution mechanism for the 4-head and the 8-head version in order to achieve even berry distribution to all dosing arms.