Animal welfare

Staw rack from stainless steel material.

The straw racks are filled with organic material. The size of the cut-outs is designed for the use of straw.
Thus, only few straw parts can be pulled out, which is only to offer an employment opportunity and is not intended as feed supplements.

Teething log, stainless steel holder.

Height adjustable outlet opening,
with chewing bar made of calcium carbonate and wheat bran.

Robust, and easy to use!

Roughage holder, stainless steel.

Adjustable infeed amount. Filling material e.g. straw pellets.

Rubbing "tree", stainless steel.

Solid rubbing facility with rough surface.

Rubbing "strake", stainless steel.

Solid rubbing facility with rough surface.

Expandable to emergency bay.

Drinking trough with flat bowl.

Pigs use the drinking nipple, but water is discharged to a flat bowl.

Thus similar to natural drinking behaviour.

Existing drinking troughs can be converted.

Easy cleaning of flat bowl!

Drinking bowl suitable also for other makes.

Raised floor in pig pens.

An additional level in pig pens offers more square meters per pen area.

A contribution to more animal welfare by:

- increase of available space
- additional refugium on and below raised floor
- extended choice of bunk material
- extended choice of temperatures
- more ambient variety
- satisfying curiosity
- more means of escape from aggresive fellows

Subsequent installation possible
Optional: floor and ramp upwards foldable
Optional: installation of additional entertainment material e.g. straw rack