Fruit and veg

For processing blueberries, other berries and stone fruit, we offer a wide range of machines: from harvesting through cleaning and weighing up to punnet labelling.

Planning, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, repair: all from one source.

We combine quality and tested materials with modern processing technology.

Filling machines:
With our filling machines we provide a variety of machinery and components, which can be put together according to individual requirements with individual components on a modular basis.
The machines are focused on weighing and packaging processes for smaller fruit and vegetable varieties: Blueberries, gooseberries, cherries, tomatoes.
You can choose from entry-level models with one weighing arm, larger units with two or four weighing heads, and the greatest of our filling machines, the 8-head carousel feeder.

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Weighing systems:
Scales and other weighing systems are integrated in our various machinery applications: as weighing platform in a dosing system, as check weigher or as table scale.
Measurement range from grams for berry weighing up to tons for vehicle weighing.
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Cleaning / drying conveyor:
By carefully spreading the berries over the stainless steel cleaning tape, leaves, stems and impurities pass through a metal mesh belt into an easy to clean drip pan.

We produce cleaning conveyor in various sizes (by length and width), depending on the processing amount.
When using a drying conveyor, both drying and cleaning take place at the same time. The dyring conveyor uses a metal hood to generate and hold a warm air stream by the means of a hot air blower. It uses a metal mesh - same used for the cleaning conveyor. Temperature and intensity are adjustable. Against particularly heavy pollution helps a cleaning unit, consisting of a cleaning belt equipped with a strong air fan, which blows out nearly all impurities.

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Size grader :
We offer a series of different machines for size grading of blueberries, which ensures an optimal sorting depending on the nature of the berries.

Best alternative for frozen berries is a stainless steel drum grader. Grader with square hole belts or grader equipped round traps are best for hand-picked products.

In all cases the sorted berries get either collected in separate chambers or forwarded to downstream conveyors for further processing.

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The areas of application and forms of construction of conveyor are exceptionally manifold: Transportation of berries between individual processing steps, with linear, curved or elevating belts, belts for manual inspection of berries, for lidding of plastic punnets, for process timing, to assist in labeling.

Depending on the requirements, numerous conveyor belt sizes and belt materials are available. Consistent stainless steel production and food save plastic belts are self-evident.

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Check weigher:

A check-weigher is designed to monitor weight tolerances in prefilled products, e.g. plastic punnets, filled with blueberries. It consists of two conveyor belts in series: the first controls the collection and dispersal of the supplied products and its transfer to the second conveyor, the weighing belt.

Usually, downstream of the check weigher stands a line diverter. Under control of the check weigher, this line diverter moves the target weighted punnets straight towards subsequent components, whereas over- and underweight products get deviated to lateral units like buffer table, conveyor etc.

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A labeler provides the filled and lidded punnets with labels. Depending on the model, a simple printer can be mounted to the labeler. For higher functional labelers, the printer unit is already included.
There are labelers which can be fitted on existing conveyors and also labelers with its own infeed conveyor. Also available a set of labelers for dispensing labels on the top side AND on bottom side of punnets.
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Rotary table:
Rotary tables are positioned at the end of a processing line in order to receive the filled and lidded punnets. Another use for rotary tables are in the context of check weighers and line dividers, where selected punnets are derived onto the tables for further processing.
Depending on the use, the tables are equipped with either wooden or stainless steel table tops.
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Harvester for berries save time and costs. We offer a tractor-drawn harvester, and soon there will be a self-propelled harvester.

With a new rotary drawbar trailer, filled harvest boxes can be collected and transported in large numbers.

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Other machinery / innovation:
In addition to standard equipment we also provide tailored solutions according to customer requirements. This includes machinery, equipment, tools and auxiliary components. Our weighing and packaging lines are characterized by modular design. Components from different processing areas can be assembled according to customer needs. Thus also standard equipment can be combined with special machines.
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