Our feeding systems portfolio includes liquid and dry feeding in numerous variations, with modern operation and control technology, efficient, custom-made.

Liquid feeding:

Piglet and sow feeding, parallel tanks, compact feeding systems, distribution systems, PC controlled feeding systems

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Dry feeding:

Silos, pipelines, central feeding stations, mash feeder, semi and full automated dry feeding, medication dispenser

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The main objective in the fermentation is to solubilize certain feed components into small fragments prior to feeding . Thanks to the pre-digestion, the animal has to spend less power and energy for the actual work of digestion. Fermented food is very tasty. The tolerability of the feedstuff increases by the fermentation. Fermented feed mixtures stay longer homogeneous. The nutrient fluctuations in the mash are reduced.

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CCM feeder system

The feeder system is made of stainless steel and serves as an easy-to-use and loss-free infeed facility into dry and liquid feeding systems.

The slipping down of feedstuff is ensured by the conical shape of the vessel. Residual feedstuff gets taken out first. A metal blade rotates on the bottom of the vessel, which shifts the feedstuff in little slices towards the discharge.

The stainless steel spiral conveyors run in a PVC pipe, adapted to customer local requirements.
By using more than one spiral conveyor, the feedstuff transportation can go "round the corner".

Outdoor silos

Polyester silos are made of glass fibre enforced polyester. A smooth walled inside surface ensures trouble-free outlet of corrny and also floury products.
The silos are equipped with a feed pipe, a ventilation pipe and an outlet funnel with connection for a spiral conveyor.
Available in various dimensions and models.


The high-tensile canvas silos ("Trevira silos") are breathable and uncoated, which enables constant feedstuff quality, without moult formation or clustering.

There is a variety of silo constructions, in line with customer specific requirements, in terms of size, outlet diameter, emergency discharge, added filters.

Air Cleaner

During the feedstuff filling process, the air cleaner prohibits air pollution from the exhaust air. By filtering the exhaust air, volatile dust particles get absorbed and routed via spiral conveyors into the feeding system.