Bagging scale

The bagging scale can be used for filling produce like potatoes, carrots or similar into bags or sacks. An elevating conveyor leads the produce into a weighing vessel. Once the target weight is reached, the feeding conveyor stops. Via proximity switch the weighing vessel can be opened to discharge its content.

Two versions are available: up to 12,5 kg (KRD 250) and up to 25 kg (KRD 300).


Frame and weighing vessel: stainless steel

Conveyor belt: food save material.


KRD 250/3:
up to 12,5 kg, belt width 250 mm, with 3 row staggered carriers

KRD 300/3:
up to 25 kg, belt width 300 mm,
with 3 row staggered carriers

Equipped with control unit, various product settings, counter. Stepless speed control. Automatic restart.


Suitable for potatoes, onions, carrots, charcoal and similar sized products.