Table scale

The KW300 table scale has a separate LED display unit. Its traffic light design allows a fast recognition of the weighing results. The red / yellow / green color sequence immediately indicates the under, over and target weight. In addition, the current weight is also displayed, with different background colour depending on the weight range.

Both units can be used stand-alone or be integrated in weighing tables.


Platform and chassis: stainless steel


Weighing platform:
200 mm x 300 mm. Other dimensions on request.
Maximum load 30 kg, customer specific

Weighing range display by 16 LED in red/yellow/green steps.
Individual setting of weighing ranges for under, over and target weight.

In addition: background coloured, digital scale display.


Applicable as stand-alone scale or as interconnection in a network for PC based setting, recording and analysis.

Also available as RFID version for personalized operation.