The cups de-nester / dispenser feeds filler systems with the empty punnets and cups to be filled. Out of a cup reservoir, the punnets are pulled apart one by one and transported into the feeding punnet conveyor.

The de-nesting is triggered by sensors at the punnet conveyor.

The machine consists of a pedestal and a de-nesting module. Different cups often also require individual modules. By using a universal pedestal, the exchange of the de-nesting modules can be done in no time at all.

Currently, two type of cup de-nesting modules are available.

For clamshells (punnets with lid as a unit) we offer a de-nester in a stand-alone version.


Frame: stainless steel


Modular construction
Different dispensing modules available
Individual modules on request
Dispensing speed infinitely adjustable
Dispensing height 650-950 mm
Stops when the minimum quantity of punnets is reached
Power supply: 230 V