ADS 200/2

ADS 200/2 is a 2-head dosing system, using a punnet conveyor for the transportation of the punnets. It is designed for higher berry volumes, fills two punnets simultaneously. The weighing process takes place in a weighing and dosing chamber at the end of the dosing arm. A butterfly valve acts as discharge mechanism. Weighing process and punnet outlet transportation take place at the same time.

The ADS 200/2 is most effective when integrated in a complete line with e.g. cleaning and inspection conveyor, lidding conveyor and buffer table.

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Frame: Stainless Steel

Dosing belt:

Plastic, food suitable, slightly knobbed texture.


About 40 punnets per minute, depending on target weight, system settings (fine tuning) and product infeed distribution.


Simultaneous filling into two punnets, punnet recognition, infeed filling level sensor.